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As of December 6th, 2018, HomePC is no longer doing in-home services. When I first started this in 2003, Windows XP was the prevalent operating system and anti-malware protection was in its infancy. Most of my service calls back then, and until recently, were in regard to identifying and removing malware of all types, from simple adware to advanced rootkits.

With today's advancements in security protection built into modern operating systems and the robustness of today's anti-malware detection tools, I have found that most of my service calls revolve around user-issues, operating system issues, or third-party application issues. Hence, I no longer feel challenged and I am capable of so much more.

I am currently pursuing a career in Cyber Security; whether I will be running my own vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and consulting shop or hire on permanently with an employer remains to be seen. As you can see on this page above, I have already obtained a few certifications, and I am actively pursuing more.

I appreciate my approximately 2000 clients and invite you to email me with questions as needed. I will not be answering my phone, but I will try to respond to my voicemail. I encourage everyone to follow my Facebook page as I post many articles in layman's terms about today's Cyber Security frontier.

Wish me luck,
Dave Adams

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